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As the pornographic industry grows, the different ways of consuming it are also evolving with it. About ten years ago it was unthinkable to find a page porn with some girl ordinary doing some live streaming so that anyone could see her. There was the sex for the camera in private chats, which is known as cyber sex, however, sex cam have completely changed the concept of webcams.

There are a lot of pages dedicated to models of all over the world is displayed by means of cameras. Despite the fact that many people do it only for the pleasure of feeling observed and generate excitation in a collective, the vast majority of the active users on these pages do so in order to generate some extra money. Obviously there are also those who devote themselves full time to this and live from it, earning large sums of money.

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We started with Chaturbate. You could say that this is the applications largest community of sex web camera. With a lot of cam girls, boys cam, couples sex cam and others.

MyFreeCams, we could say that it was the first web portal pornographic to be devoted entirely to the world of sex cam. In fact, it has an enviable list of actresses famous nowadays that they went out and formed on its portal.

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